Helping membership bodies and trade associations understand their market

Chalkstream helps membership organisations and trade associations understand the professions they serve.


Our research has helped membership and trade associations:

  • better understand and serve their members
  • develop their membership and training offer
  • shape policy and campaigning activity
  • plot future changes in the profile of professions.


Projects involve:

  • analysis of Office of National Statistics data about a profession within national business and household surveys
  • extrapolation to understand the implications for the broader profession
  • trends analysis and data stress-testing
  • reporting, presentations, consultancy.


Topics covered by the analysis include:

  • gender, age
  • satisfaction with life
  • ethnicity, nationality, country of birth
  • internet use
  • household characteristics and composition
  • industry, sector,
  • employment status
  • responsibilities
  • mode of employment
  • pension status and rationales
  • travel to work
  • workplace location
  • sickness
  • hours worked
  • second jobs
  • social mobility factors
  • education, training and qualifications
  • health.


Clients who have used this product include:

  • Chartered Institute of Public Relations
  • Association of Colleges
  • Institute of Chartered Accountants of England and Wales


“This methodology can be adopted by any membership body or trade association looking to understand the population of practitioners within a given industry or industries, to provide intelligence to support membership growth or retention, training or CPD and/or broader membership research projects.”

Phil Morgan, Deputy CEO, Chartered Institute of Public Relations 


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