National science communication research to understand challenges and help improve public relations practice. 

Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) and Department for Business, Innovation and Science (BIS) – National science communication research to help improve PR practice.

Date: 2013/14

Purpose: To support better practice in science communications and public relations through a major study into the challenges facing science PR practitioners.


  • literature review
  • analysis of UK science PR practitioner population
  • primary research (mixed methodology telephone interviews) among a wide range of practitioners in the private and public sectors
  • written reports
  • regional and national dissemination events

Outcomes: The study has shaped CIPR and BIS activities and structures to support science PR practice in the UK, including new training programmes, best practice awards and networking opportunities – while helping to secure future funding for existing, successful events and training.

Client comment: "Overall, this is an ambitious and detailed piece of research exploring a specialised area in great detail.  There is a huge amount of information to work through – all of it worthy of reading and re- reading.”

Aileen Thompson, Project Board, Executive Director Communications, Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry (ABPI).

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